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Locations in Dothan, AL & Valdosta, GA

Game7 Digital currently has locations in Dothan, AL and Valdosta, Ga and loves serving businesses within these local markets. Although much of our team is remote, and we have worked with clients across multiple states including Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and even Sydney, Australia. We consult via Zoom with clients who aren't local to our home offices, and work seamlessly together with any remote team members to provide a successful marketing strategy and implementation of our services.

The digital marketing world can be very confusing and many business owners need experienced practitioners to help guide them along their marketing journey. Our simple goal of Driving Business Results provides a clear mission statement for everything we do for our clients. That is why our team is comprised of individuals with exceptional ability, commitment to client success, and focus on continued development of their skill sets.

Whether you are a business owner in Valdosta or Dothan areas, or if you serve local clients elsewhere within the United States, we would love to partner with you in your growth. Reach out to us by booking a Free Strategy Call to see if our agency would be a good fit to come alongside of you as your marketing team.

David Michael, Founder & CEO

David has spent the better part of his 25 year professional career in sales and marketing. He has a competitive spirit that he brings to his marketing approach, and also a passion for valuable relationships with his clients.

"This is a world where if you stop learning and stop growing, then you'll get left behind very quickly! I may fail at times, but am a firm believer in failing forward and continuing to seek knowledge to help my team and my clients succeed. "

Todd Stansbury, Branding & Design

Todd and David have known each other since their days at FSU, and have remained friends over the years. Todd has been the team's top graphic designer over the last several years and is one of the best in the industry. His corporate experience as a Design Manager for Adidas is instrumental in his understanding of what is trending in the design world for both logos and brand development. Talented artists who understand what it takes to develop and create brand identities are invaluable in today's digital marketing world!

Donny Herndon, Sales Consultant

Donny is a long time friend of Founder David Michael. Initially connecting through a local church, they developed a friendship that has resulted in partnering with each other in business as well. Donny's professional sales career has demonstrated a high volume capacity with excellent understanding in closing and also in presenting value through offers that will make a business more profitable. He currently works full time for Gartner as a Strategic Partner for IT Executives & Leaders in Mid-Sized Manufacturing Organizations.

Cameron Garrard, Content & Strategy

Cameron graduated from Troy University with a Major in Marketing and has been working for Game7 as a Content Writer and developing social media strategy for the past two years since finishing his undergrad degree at Troy.

As most people in his generation, Social Media is a way of life, so he is a great resource for reaching Millennials and Generation Z with content they connect with.

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All inbound methods will receive the attention they deserve, but the best way to ensure our undivided attention would be to schedule a Free Strategy Call. Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you have some questions you'd like us to address before scheduling on our calendar though.

We look forward to helping you Drive Business Results!

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Game7 Digital is based in Dothan, AL, but currently serves clients across multiple states within the U.S.

Our team is growing along with our client base, and we look forward to partnering with more growth minded business owners for years to come.



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